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The Station

All Aboard! Not all cities can say that they got their start from a railroad worker who happened to want his mail delivered to one central location, but for Moore, Oklahoma that was just the case. This origination story of happenstance was the prime inspiration for The Station at Central Park, Moore’s new state-of-the-art recreation and aquatic center.


Although the incredible water features and fitness equipment at The Station almost speak for themselves, it was important to educate the people of Moore about the city’s history and help everyone see how far the town has come since the early days of open fields and train stops. With that in mind, Trifecta helped create the campaign thematic of Mr. Moore, a cartoon character modeled after Al Moore, the accidental founder of the city. Mr. Moore continues to help us spread the message about all the fun features at The Station and how they can help get your family on board for enjoyment and togetherness in one central location! 


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