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Seafood Nutrition Partnership

Leading the Oklahoma City chapter of national nonprofit Seafood Nutrition Partnership (SNP), Trifecta made waves in October 2015 by putting seafood on the plate of this landlocked state as a way to improve the heart health of Oklahomans. Local and national celebrities lent their names to the campaign and their taste buds (and Trifecta) thanked them for it! ​

OKC Thunder Player Enes Kanter got in on the fun, sharing his preference for seafood and how it has helped improve his health and game on the court. Celebrity Chef and Food Network Star Gina Neely also helped turn OKC into OKSea with her appearances on local television and radio shows while promoting National Seafood Month.​

SNP-OKC created a grassroots movement and fostered partnerships with celebrated local chefs, key state representatives, and medical leaders from across the state to spread the message of eating seafood to live a stronger, happier life. It's O-Fish-Al: OKC loves seafood!

Trifecta Account Services Director Katie Roberts recently represented our client Seafood Nutrition Partnership (SNP) on Fox 25's Living Oklahoma TV show. Click here to watch the SNP Living Oklahoma segment

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