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ENTRY: Frontier Country Guide

CLIENT: Frontier Country Marketing Association




Frontier Country Marketing Association is a non-profit, membership-based marketing association that promotes tourism in the 12 central counties of Oklahoma. With cooperative marketing programs, sponsorships, advertising and exclusive Frontier Country products as well as public relations assistance. In addition to the services above Frontier Country Marketing Association also produces the premier travel guide for attractions, events and destinations for both in-state and out-of-state travelers looking for places to go and things to do in Central Oklahoma.


Frontier Country was looking for a dynamic way to engage readers for their annual travel guide.



Target Audience

The Frontier Country annual travel guide targets both in-state and out-of-state travelers, specifically those looking for interesting, fun and unique things to do while visiting Central Oklahoma.




Frontier Country wanted their target audience to directly engage with the travel guide without spending large sums on promotions and giveaways.




Despite their desire for an extremely unique marketing approach, Frontier Country’s limited budget was a major hurdle in their effort to increase target audience engagement.




Methods and Strategies


With budget constraints in mind, Trifecta created a unique solution that engaged readers and developed a way that could be funded by Frontier Country’s existing advertisers. The solution was an augmented reality cover allowing their target audience to be seen all over Central Oklahoma, right from the cover of the 2016 Frontier Country Travel Guide. Readers could virtually ride a roller coaster at Frontier City, get eaten by a dinosaur at Sam Noble, hang with Pistol Pete in Stillwater or many other Central Oklahoma locations....then Facebook or email the "augmented reality postcards" to their friends.


To do this, they simply downloaded the free Aurasma App on a mobile device aimed at the travel guide cover. They could then touch the screen to select various postcards with face cutouts…then share it on social media to help promote favorite Central Oklahoma destinations.


The augmented reality postcards on the cover of the travel guide were sold to advertisers, which completely covered the cost of production.






Frontier Country received an excited response from constituents, readers and the board. Frontier Country Marketing Association also received recognition from and interest from other Oklahoma tourism associations across the state about their innovative use of technology to engage travelers to Central Oklahoma.


Not only was Trifecta able to provide a new and unique way to engage Frontier Country’s target market but did so in a way that accommodated their budget restraints.

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