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iDfour's Data Monolith


Marketing-data extraordinaire iDfour has a knack for transforming client data into something powerfully useful. In conjunction with a website redo, they wanted a home page video that captured their mission in a thought provoking way. iDfour allowed Trifecta to produce a customized 3D modeled video that, designed to capture the attention, and imagination, of potential clients.


Instead of limiting creativity to just one software or video style, Trifecta Technologists played with a mixture of design tools including After Effects, Auto Desk Maya, Premiere, Illustrator and Photoshop to create the end product.


"So many projects are done in only one program, which limits style, effect and atmosphere," said Trifecta Technologist Patrick Glueck. "This was a really fun project to experiment with and a cool learning experience."

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