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Great Expectations Summer Institute

 Retooling for Today's Learners



Great Expectations, (GE) a school transformation model, is doing groundbreaking work across the country to revolutionize education. Each year GE hosts Summer Institutes, attracting thousands of educators to learn the GE instructional methodology. Trifecta was charged with transforming this year's theme, "Retooling for Today's Learners," into a logo image, high energy video and augmented reality experience.

"Using 3D modeling and special effects, Trifecta's video team created a Minority Report style visual effect for the video, showcasing GE's process of transforming a teacher into a 'super teacher,'" said Bryan Huddleston, Trifecta Videographer. "The graphic design team created a variation of the GE logo to represent the 'retooling' theme and both the video and animated logo were incorporated into an augmented reality experience.  Talk about retooling for the future!"

"We've assisted GE in visually telling their story for a decade now," said Brent Wheelbarger, Trifecta CEO. "GE is a forward-thinking organization and we're honored to partner with them, helping teachers prepare kids for a bright future."


Learn more about GE and their groundbreaking work here.

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