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Say "Hello" to the Future: The Future Box


Moore Monthly magazine celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2016 with a Future Box. The Moore Monthly asked Moore and South OKC residents to write a letter to the future....100 years into the future!  Submitted letters were buried in the Monthly’s Future Box to be unearthed in the year 2116.


Letters were addressed to familial descendants, future people of the Moore area in general, or specific occupations like teachers, police department, etc. The contents of the letters ranged from a best guess at what life will be like in the Moore area of 2116 to an outline of writers’ personal hopes for the future and ranged from a sentimental perspective (like a personal letter to great, great grandchildren) or technical (like specifically how hover-boards might work in the future). Some letters were visionary or very much focused on the present (like describing the fears and challenges we face today…and our hopes for them being solved). However writers decide to write it, they kept in mind the audience is still 100 years away and likely not even born yet.

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