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Brand for Humanity

Not many creative agencies find themselves riding a rickshaw through the streets of Bangladesh, documenting the behind the scenes action at a clothing production facility. Then again, Team Trifecta often finds itself in far-flung places. Through collaborative efforts with the University of Oklahoma and the U.S. State Department, Trifecta staff recently visited Bangladesh for a video project to assist a global initiative named Brand for Humanity. Brand for Humanity aims to address the discrepancy for underpaid garment workers in third world countries by offering a new way to buy clothes.


The sale of every item through has a unique benefit—25% of the net profits go back to the garment workers as a profit share, in addition to their regular salaries. Armed with the initiative’s differentiating mission and platform, Trifecta helped communicate their message to a global market. Sometimes branding takes you to another country, while focusing on humanity can help change the world. 

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