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DIAL SDG Digital Framework Video

“We have a very complicated topic with worldwide implications, we need to explain it to people in a clear and understandable way using an animated video, we need you to research the topic, write a script, create the artwork, produce the segment and have it ready to show in three weeks…and no pressure, but it will be presented on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly.”


That was the call Trifecta received in September in the buildup to the 2018 UN General Assembly in New York.  It came from Trifecta’s client, the Digital Impact Alliance (DIAL). Earlier in the year Trifecta created a series of quick turnaround videos for DIAL, sending our team to Barcelona, Spain and the Mobile World Congress. While this new project required no travel, the timeline and deliverables were daunting.


DIAL unlocks markets to deliver digital services to the underserved, working with partners to overcome those challenges, so that together we can create a more inclusive digital society.  Their latest project involved creating digital building blocks for developing nations to solve problems using mobile technology. To tell this story with an animated video in three weeks, Trifecta’s team went into action mode, assembling a designer, animator and storytellers that day to lay out the project.  Working in close concert with each team member, the video was completed ahead of schedule and with such quality that it was featured before a larger audience than originally planned.


“It’s really wonderful to have such talented people to work with,” said Kenna Jackson, Trifecta’s Emerging Technology Director.  “Our team’s world travels helped us quickly get a grasp on the narrative and our art director cranked out visuals rapid fire. It made my job as an animator so much easier and together we created something to be proud of, despite the tight timeline.”

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